Civitatis International promotes peace, dialogue and cooperation between nations and civilizations by convening Policy Seminars for the Ambassadors to the Court of St. James’s and providing to solutions to International Stakeholders.













News: The next Reshaping the West Policy Seminar for the Ambassadors to the Court of St. James’s is on Wednesday, October 1st 2014. Click image above for further information.
News: The Chairman of Civitatis International spoke at H.E. President Gorbachev’s New Policy Forum about “A formula for a directly elected president of the European Union and how corporations and governments can create an Industrial Revolution for Europe and the World.” at the Economic Perspectives & International Cooperation Congress in Lorient, France, September 18th-19th 2014.
News: Civitatis International will publish a Report for Heads of State and Government on a Global Industrial Revolution.
News:Submission of evidence by Civitatis International to the Parliament of the United Kingdom’s Select Committee Inquiry: The Future of the European Union: UK Government Policy.

Message to Civitatis International from Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Director General of UNESCO